Taking a Moment

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling of well...overwhelmingness (is that even a word?)

I recently found myself needing to clear my head and detox my mind. Easier said than done in this mad, crazy, busy world. Here are just a few things that help me when I'm feeling particularly frazzled:

//Take a pamper hour//

As silly as it sounds just taking one hour to have a nice soothing bath and paint your nails can instantly lift your mood. My favourite product at the moment is Lush Mask of Magnamity. The peppermint instantly makes me feel more alert and it makes my skin feel amazing. Take this time to really treat yourself.

//Get back to nature//

Recently me and my friends have been planning a different hike every Sunday. It's lovely to just spend some time outside and make some fabulous memories. We usually walk for about 4 hours and I love just chilling out by a river or waterfall. Dip your feet, sunbathe, enjoy nature!

//Tea Time//

Clipper tea have produced an amazing soothing tea. It's called Sleep Easy and is completely organic and is naturally caffeine free. I've found that a cup before bed really sends me to the land of nod..

//Have a technology detox//
I'm as guilty as anyone for living my life through a phone screen or laptop. The idea of cutting yourself off actually gives me major FOMO. However it is useful once in a while to give yourself a break from the realms of social media, even if it is just for an hour or so. I also find it useful to have a social media cleanse once in a while, removing any accounts I have followed that I really don't need to follow.

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