LIFE LATELY is it the end of June already? I must admit I feel pretty bad that I've neglected my new blog again. However things have been moving at a fairly rapid pace! I'm pretty bad for documenting things for my blog at the moment as I have been trying to live in the moment more and not behind the lens. 


I've recently quit my job with DogTrust and gone back into the world of fashion with Leggs Boutique in Darlington as head of online sales. It's something I had been thinking about for a while for as much as I adore dogs, the job wasn't for me and was actually bringing me down. 

Now I'm back working on social media and photography full time which I adore! 


So a few months ago I randomly decided to do a course in spray tan as a bit of a side thing, and I loved it! I've now ordered all my equipment and I'm enjoying tanning clients. I'm having a hard time convincing my other half to let me tan him. He seems quite content with his t-shirt tan!


We've been fortunate enough to attend some amazing events over the last couple of months. I attended the Great North Air Ambulance Charity ball which was just incredible and I admit watching some of the rescue videos made me tear up a fair amount!

I also had the privilege of watching my cousin get married. They have recently had a beautiful baby girl and the day was just perfect. They managed to choose the only sunny day in a week of rain! (Welcome to the northeast!)

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