August 18, 2014

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Hello everyone! 

I'm back off my holidays and attempting to get back in the swing of things. Me and tom had a lovely two weeks in Egypt despite my family not being able to make it due to my step-dad falling ill. Still we tried to make the best of it and had a nice couples holiday instead! 

Being back at work is really depressing. This time last week I was sunning myself with a cocktail and a swimming pool not photographing mens tshirts but ah well...I suppose I had to go back to reality at some point. Since being back it's been hectic trying to wash all our holiday clothes and catch up with friends so I haven't managed to prepare a post with any photography for you this week but I am planning on doing some at the weekend. 

It's my birthday on wednesday! 24....gulp...

Anyone else dread turning 24? It's like one step closer to 25 which is halfway to 30. Jesus. I feel old. 

Anyway to cheer myself up I have been browsing the River Island site and planning a couple of cheeky purchases for Autumn Winter. I'm loving the muted greys and blues that are coming in! I honestly reallllllllly want to buy all of these items on this post, unfortunately my wage and my travel costs won't allow it :( Lets hope that changes soon!


August 07, 2014

This super simple recipe is yummy and great to make a big batch in advance. It can be eaten alone or you can add some salad leaves and griddles haloumi like I did.

You will need:

Jar sundried tomatoes, garlic and feta cubes
1 Onion
Tomato paste
Salt and Pepper
Chilli Flakes
Fresh Basil

Chop the onion, feta, a handful of sundried tomatoes and the basil. Crush 3 cloves of garlic with the side of the knife (I like to use a jar of pre-peeled cloves for ease). In a pan bring your pasta to the boil with a pinch of salt. Cook until tender, drain and set aside in a bowl. 

In the pan, fry off the onions, garlic and sundried tomatoes with a little oil until soft. Take off the heat and mix in the pasta, feta, chopped basil and a good squeeze of tomato paste. Add a little salt and pepper, and a dash of chilli flakes for a kick. Mix well.

Add a little oil to a griddle pan and griddle the haloumi slices on both sides until golden and oozing. Plate up and enjoy! This dish is not too unhealthy and so yummy as a summer dish. The pasta can be eaten hot or cold.


There's always a new fad in health foods. From goji berries to raspberry ketones and other weird concoctions. One thing that seems to stick around, and has done for hundreds of years is Green Tea. Traditionally drunk in Asian countries this powerful little drink has made it's way over to us and has become a firm staple in my diet!

It is loaded with powerful anti-oxidants and nutrients that are excellent for your body. It can help reduce the chances of diseases such as cancer and aid digestive problems. It eliminates bloating and calms the stomach and can aid in weight loss. I'm not saying I'm an expert but after a bit of research it's seems obvious that the benefits are massive!

Since I started drinking the stuff I have noticed I haven't been getting as bloated and my energy and temper seems to be up. I used to hate the taste to be honest but I'm definitely used to it now and I love Twinings Peach and Cherry Blossom flavour!

What about you guys? Do you like Green tea?


July 26, 2014

Hello everyone. It's been a long time coming but I'm so excited to show you some snippets of my lovely new house. I have literally only just got wifi today and I've already scheduled a few posts for you guys!


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